These long out of print releases from VHS's heyday are two of the weirdest and wildest to come from Phantom Pain Films.
Going Hog Wild (1988)

Straight from the greasy spoons of Los Angeles, watch "Layla" the 350 pound heavyweight take on "Headlights" in this earth shattering match of the Heavyweight championship. Witness these pounds of flesh take a beating in oil, wallow in mud, and be in pure ecstasy sneaking a taste of chocolate syrup in the wildest, craziest match ever. Who will conquer the title? Your guess is as good as mine.

Don't miss this one.

Available for purchase on DVD in the store.
Going Hog Wild DVD press release
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Oil of L.A. (1988)

Are Southern California Girls really the most beautiful in the land? You make the determination as you watch these sun-tanned beautifies fight for the light-weight title of W.O.W.A.* Don't miss these wanton wenches slithering in the oil, soothing their bodies in the mud and making their own chocolate delight out of their well endowed breasts, while they attempt to annihilate their opponent. FORGET about all those nighttime soaps. YOU want to watch some bitches really fight, BUY THIS MOVIE!!
*Women's Oil Wrestling Association

Oil of L.A. is available for purchase with Going Hog Wild as part of a limited edition VHS double feature release in the store. Featuring original artwork from Cleveland artist John G.