Phantom Pain Films LLC is an independent production, distribution and sales company, focused on genre and cult cinema.

Founded in 2013, the company began as a side project to release genre titles in special limited editions on a format close to our hearts, VHS. Since 2014 we have brought films to theaters, DVD and VOD platforms. From there we have expanded into production, creating documentary special features for Blu-Ray and DVD releases, as well as developing our own in-house productions.

Phantom Pain Films LLC has also partnered with companies to provide industry services which has included film acquisition, theatrical booking and releasing, PR support for home video releases, DVD authoring, closed captioning, and more. We have had the pleasure of working with companies such as as Summer Hill Films and Tempe Films, and look forward to working with more.

Our mission is to preserve and release underappreciated films from yesterday, while producing unique and challenging entertainment for today.

We like weird trash, baffling art and everything in between.