The Zombie Army (1991)

80 mins / Color / SD

“…the greatest shot-on-video (SOV) zombie movie of all time.”
– Joseph Ziemba (AGFA,


Army Sergeant Eileen Saddow has a problem. The Pentagon brass bought a former insane asylum to use as a base for the elite experimental female unit The Lethal Ladies. The problem is that they didn’t check the asylum fallout shelter for leftover inmates! Two were left behind when the nuthouse was abandoned. Jim is a deranged psychotic who thinks that he’s a psychiatrist. He likes to experiment with shock therapy equipment. Mary, a loony nymphomaniac, helps and she really likes soldiers!

The two freaks wreak havoc on the Army by capturing soldiers and turning them into mindless zombies. Trapped in the tunnels under the old asylum, The Lethal Ladies must invent weapons to destroy the living dead! It’s the world’s first zombie combat rock music video! Watch out, Saddam Hussein… you’re no match for Operation “Zombie” Storm and… The Zombie Army!